Do you know that name?

Prince Siddhartha, Gautama,
Sakyamuni, Buddha.
Everybody knows these names…
… but…
… Yashodhara?

Yashodhara was married
to Siddhartha.
She loved him dearly.

One night Siddhartha left her
and their son, Rahul …
… while they were sleeping,
to seek Enlightenment…
… to become Buddha.
He did not even say
a word to her when he left.

Yashodhara has shown
compassion for the sick
… and ailing long before
Siddhartha ever did…
… long before Siddhartha
was even aware of suffering!

Who can say if he owed
his Enlightenment to her?

Pema …
Perhaps Yashodhara wanted
to leave Siddhartha and Rahul.

How can we ever know if Yashodhara
fell victim to anger …
… to loneliness or bitterness…
… after Siddhartha left her.
Who even thought about her?

What must she have said
when Rahul, her son…
…asked that eternal question:
Where is my father?
What must she have told him?
How could a mother leave her own
child in the middle of the night?
lt is only possible
for a man to do.

Tashi, only for a man.

After that,
Yashodhara had no choice.
She had to lead a life
of renunciation.
She cut off her hair …
… and lived like an ascetic.

Oh Tashi …
lf your thoughts toward Dharma
were of the same intensity …
… as the love and passion
you have shown me…
… you would have become
a Buddha …
… in this very body …
… in this very life.

Pema …
Forgive me.
l am going back with you.
Back where l belong.


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